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Edge Solutions enable your teams to process data off your line and immediately put it to use.  This low latency data helps your shop floor better adapt their strategies on the fly. OI Applications, designed for Edge, will give your teams real-time snapshots of what is happening.


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What can the edge do for you?

Immediate visibility into live conditions

The Edge is a plug and play technology that shows you what’s happening on your line without a delay. This live data can be used to view critical parameters so that you can sustain or make corrective adjustments to hot data as it’s happening in production.


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Constant real-time monitoring and insights

Better access to your data allows your team to keep round the clock views of what’s happening for on-site time applications, especially when an event is occurring locally.


Why Braincube?

Complete your data feedback loop with Cloud-Edge Combo

To get the most valuable gains from digitalization, a full cloud architecture is needed to transform your BigData into information. You need the Edge for your high-frequency data and you need the Cloud for your historical, structured data.


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AI can compute 200 quadrillion calculations per second, making your business capable of amazing efficiency and growth.

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