Our commitment is to help you stay connected--with each other and with your Braincube team


We want to help you.

We know that our jobs sustain our families, our friendships and our communities.  In a tumultuous climate, we are dedicated to helping you work as efficiently and safely as possible.

Here are some ways we are ensuring the best possible service for your during this time.



Our Customers

We are committed to maintaining Braincube consulting and business services during this challenging time.

Your local team should be in touch with a plan for remote kick-offs, coaching days, and support details.





Our Employees

Our office locations are currently closed while our teams work remotely. Rest assured that they will continue to be compensated and insured.

Their health and well-being are of the utmost importance to the Braincube leadership team.


Our Communities

We pledge to be caring to our community, sensitive to those in need, and offer a flexible work environment. We are reviewing ways to give back and share our compassion to support those in need.



Strategies to Use Braincube to Stay Connected


1. Schedule best practices webinars with teams from different locations so you can share the things you’ve learned, tips for success, and collaborate together.


2. Use Braincube apps to understand how to operate during this change in supply and demand


3. Reach out to your local team to schedule virtual coaching sessions to help strategize on how to run your factory as lean as possible.



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