A free guide to understanding and building an Industry 4.0 strategy


Build a Smarter Transformation Strategy

If companies are going to survive, it is critical they transform to industry 4.0. But what must be done internally before transformation can begin?

All too often, investments in IIoT technology and Industry 4.0 solutions are merely seen as expensive lines on a budget. But if you—or your management team—continue viewing digital transformation through this lens, you won't grasp digital transformation's wider opportunities. 

In this free, guide, you'll learn:

  • what questions to ask before implementing an Industry 4.0 initiative at your company;
  • why Industry 4.0 is different than any previous industrial revolutions;
  • how to launch a successful digital transformation initiative at your company.





Ask (and answer) these questions before starting your digital transformation:


Today's complex problems require more highly-developed tools than Industry 3.0 tools and techniques.

Multi-factoral challenges require advanced AI solutions. Collaborative digital applications promote interdepartmental cohesion, which encourages growth on a company-wide scale while also motivating employees.

Build a transformation strategy that fully addresses your main objectives.

When building a strategy, the three important areas to standardize are: retaining all business data; provide all users access to all available information; and new uses involving ultra-simple and efficient tools or interfaces.

Industry 4.0 utilizes digital technologies to change or implement new processes.

These changes are driven by data. It’s vital to have a platform that collects and retains all your data and is available to employees. Using these technologies, companies can quickly respond to new requirements and customer needs.

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